Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Getting Closer: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

One of my fellow bloggers NewYorkChica recently wrote a post on her blog sharing ten facts about her...and invited her readers to do the same. I feel like I bare my soul on here, but maybe I'll enlighten you with some more randomness. So here goes!

1 - I am afraid of heights... yet I love to fly and do dare-devily things (like the daredevil dive at great adventure that I got on three times). And I'm a jetsetter... love to fly (with my rosary in hand)!!!

2 - I have a horrible time remembering names. I will know your face and it will take me an entire day to remember your name, or how I know you, if at all (ask @MommyDelicious)

3 - I was a performer my whole childhood. I used to choreograph and perform dance shows; I would jump in front of my fathers video camera and start belting out jingles; and I would immerse myself in films, rehearsing the lines all by my lonesome in the bath. It was obnoxious. 

4 - I am allergic to almost everything. Che tried to feed me a peach once in an attempt to be sensual and I broke out into hives. It's not sexy. 
5 - I am a little clairvoyant... like a sprinkle, but enough to haunt me. When I got to college it got very strong, and I started to freak people out, and even freak myself out. I got tired of being all John Edwardsy (the psychic not the politician. Think:Hereafter) and prayed for it to go away. I guess I suppressed it.

OMG, aren't you bored yet?!... ok...
6 - I think that we are satellites for what we want in this life. I believe we can wish for things and make them happen. I am soooo serious about this. Be careful what you wish for.

7 - I am double jointed... only in my left thumb (and the tips of my fingers)! Ha ha! I can bend my thumb really far back. That's hot. 

8 - I love cartoons. My favorite way to veg out on a Saturday morning is to watch cartoons on channel 13 (PBS). No, I don't have kids, and it's still ok for me to watch cartoons!!! I use to watch Adult Swim, but I prefer the G rated stuff.

9 - Espresso and Chocolate are my things. I don't mess around with it. I'm kind of a coffee and chocolate snob

10 - My first job was  at Taco Bell. I hated that job. I quit after three months, however I still have my visor and my name tag! 

Now tell me then things I didn't know about you, my deep thinkers! You can either comment or write your own post, just make sure to send me the link!