Monday, March 14, 2011

To Drown Or Not To Drown In My Reflection

Recently, a fellow blogger and actress (@TheArtMuse) suggested I put up more pictures of myself. As an actress, the more exposure I get, the better. I think this is a good idea. It works well on her blog and I love her photos.

But I don't put up pics of myself very often. I have created pictures for my blog, snapped photos of some of my artwork, taken pictures of random things, and sometimes throw up a pic of me eating a cheeseburger, but here's my question: Do you really want to see my face more often?

Me, looking at You, looking at Me.

I don't want my blog to go from Her Deep Thoughts to The Narcissist's Thoughts... but I see other bloggers post photos of themselves and I never think that of them. Ever. Instead, I think, "hey, how cool!" Or "I like how they did that," etc.

So, here's my question: do you want to see my face on this blog within the context of my posts more often, or should I reserve that for the my vlogging on my YouTube page?

Please, let me know your deep thoughts!!!