Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Puerto Rico Does It Better

My deep thinkers... you know how much I love mi isla of Puerto Rico. And if you have checked out my vlogs on How to Make A Classic Mojito (with a twist) and How to make Coquito, you KNOW I love Puerto Rican rum! Hello, I make Coquito for my friends every year with Bacardi!!

So when @KetyE invited me to head over to the Rums of Puerto Rico event at the Empire State building, I was stoked! I called Buttercup and we were on our way. 

This won't be the first event I've been to where Puerto Rican rums were the stars  - I mean, that is the essence of any party I've ever thrown - this of course topped anything I'd ever done.  

The ambiance was amazing. There was a mix of live music and a DJ, delicious food made with Puerto Rican rum, and of course heavenly drinks made guessed it! Puerto Rican Rum. 

This event was the launch party for Puerto Rico's 2011 campaign to promote rums made on the island. I'm on board, baby! 

Rum, Rum, Rum.. happy, happy, happy! 

Here are some of my tweets from the evening:

Although my go-to drink is always a Cuba Libre, I decided to start with a new version of one of my other faves: a ginger mojito! It was perfecto

Then I tried something new and went with this delicious drink that was called a Quijote Berry. I'm really a one-drink gal, so two drinks in and I've got to admit, I was tipsy.
Yes, I drank both drinks.

My sister and I made friends with the waitresses - not just because they had the drinks... but because they had the food! 

I'd never thought you could make such a spread with Puerto Rican rum. I've cooked with Bacardi before but nothing that ever came out this good! But who am I kidding...I'm not much of a cook anyway.

Food Made by Claire Robinson from the Food Network

Now you'd think I would've talked to people aside from the waitresses at this Puerto Rico-related event (considering my love for la isla  and all of my recent progress in networking). But I didn't. I totally sat in one place and relished the food and drink, while laughing it up with my sister. I had a suck-fest day early on, so I really just wanted to relax instead of network. And relax I did! Like I said in my tweets, all I needed was the beach. 

I left with some great gift bag goodies as well, which included a recipe book. You know what that means? Another how-to vlog!!!! Woohoo!!! I'm not the best cook, but give me a bottle of rum from my isla and I can make a mean drink. 

And you know that Puerto Rico makes more than Bacardi, right? Yes they do! Puerto Rico is the largest producer of quality rums sold in the United States.There's Don Q (which I also love), Ron del Barrilito (which is the best souvenir you can bring back, let me tell you), Palo Viejo (the first rum I ever had!), and Ron Llave (gotta try that one). They also made me, but that's another story. ;-) 

Just Think Puerto Rican Rum my deep thinkers... and get your cocktail glasses ready! This light weight is gonna get her drink on.

I received no compensation for this post. I ate and drank for free in honor of my favorite little island, and got a cute gift bag. Puerto Rico is my second home.  I hope you try Puerto Rican rums... they truly are my faves. Besides, "yo soy Boricua, pa' que tu lo sepa!"