Friday, March 4, 2011

Johnny 5 is Alive!

Do you remember that old movie, Short Circuit? I'll spoil it for you. The robot Johnny 5 "is alive" because he was struck by lightning! Kinda like an electronic version of Pinocchio.  Well, there's a spark in me, but I wasn't exactly struck by lightning...or maybe I was...

My mom saw me at a recent blogging related event, and she said "I've never seen you so happy. You really love what you do." It's true. The hours can pass and I get lost in it, without a worry about the time.

But there's never been a question that I love to write. I love to meet with brands and bloggers. It's just truly and completely Me - and I can be completely myself at these events. So, I feel really blessed today to report that I not only have one thing that I love to do, but two.

As you know I recently booked my first promotional gig. I don't want to talk too much about the shoot, but the experience was amazing!

I've done background work in the past, which was sooo exciting, so it's not my first time in front of a camera, at all. However, this was a whole other level of fun, because the focus was on me and the other actor - no one else!

I was in the moment and I trusted the cameras. It was an outdoor shoot, and I was COLD but THAT DID NOT matter. I was finally doing work that I LOVE and I felt ALIVE!!!!

Can you hear it? ALIVE!!!! Like a bolt of lightning jolting my heart.

As I write this, I am sitting on the J train, crossing the bridge from Manhattan into Brooklyn with tears rolling down my face full of makeup. I am so friggin Happy. Why do these emotions happen on the train?

I don't think I ever knew that I could love work as an actress to such a degree. My heart whispered thank you to me for finally listening to its calling.

I feel really blessed for this experience - this jolt of pure bliss that races through me. I don't feel like a puppet - or a robot - anymore. I feel so thankful. And I couldn't care less if I'm crying on the damn train. I've come a hell of a long way. And this is only the beginning.