Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Grumpy McGrumps A Lot

I've been getting a lot of headaches, then migraines lately. I don't know why.

My diet has changed, my exercise habits have amped up, my body rejects the idea of coffee (this is like a total sin by the way... I'm only drinking 1 -2 cups a week!!! Yes, a week!), so one would think I'd be feeling all rejuvinated.


I am exhausted! And cranky.

My social life has gotten better, because it's always an opportunity to network...yet I drag my feet to events thinking, "ugh, I gotta put on makeup." I just got invited to go to Miami and I was like, "when do I have time to relax in the Miami sun when I have so much to do?!" Who is this person? I used to go on vacation four times a year, like clockwork. I am wayyyyy over due.

I've just been busy. Really busy.

What have I been up to, you ask? Well, I've been working on my craft more (that's actor-speak for I've been practicing). I've booked work (shhh, I didn't want to say anything for fear of jinxing it! But yes, a little "yay" would be ok). I have gotten a few more auditions (dude, like too many in one week, for my schedule! What is happening?), and I still have my day job (you know, that "I'm a litigator" thing that sucks up my life, yet I appreciate because it pays my bills). You think maybe I'm overwhelmed?

My work related to blogging has increased. I get these ideas about sponsorhips, then I'm like, "but that media kit needs some fine tuning." It's like I'm stopping myself from enjyoing this ride. Or maybe I'm just trying to prioritize. No se.

I'm meditating. I'm practicing yoga regularly. I feel like my messages to the Universe have been heard, and the Universe is indeed responding. Why aren't I walking on flowers, then?

[I'm not deleting the phrase walking on flowers although I meant it to be Walking on Sunshine. Instead of saying something happy, I say walking on flowers. Can you visualize that action? Ever the grouch, that's sounds like an angry thing to do. See what I mean?]

¿QuĂ© Es Lo Que Me Pasa?

I think my headaches are coming from lack of a vacation.  Or maybe the potential fear of success in all of my endeavors? Or perhaps, the fear that if I take a break, this castle I'm building will crumble...all of over my flowers...if I don't step on them first.

Or, maybe I'm getting too deep for my own good. Maybe I just need sleep, for goodness sakes. That's one thing I have not kept up... a regular sleep schedule. I can't do everything, but I should be sleeping. Whether that's here, or on a beach somewhere.

Can you relate to what I'm ranting about here? Should I take a mini vacation? Some sun would be sooo nice. But is the timing off?