Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Girl With The Hoop Earring

I was walking in Manhattan and put on my scarf after the blustery wind hit me square in the face. So much for Spring.

I was on my way home and it was the first day I put on my hoop earrings in weeks.

These earrings have a special meaning to me. My first real grown-up full time job was as an elementary school teacher. With my first paycheck I wanted to buy myself a little something. Hoop earrings have always been my staple, so I wanted to buy myself a pair. 

I went to China town and looked in every jewelry store. I haggled until I got my 14k gold pair of earrings for exactly $80.00. I was so proud of my first purchase as a working adult.

Every time I wear these earrings I feel completely myself. I feel pretty, and sexy, and completely relaxed. You get my point - they mean a lot to me.

Back to the wind hitting me in the face... I was trooping through Manhattan, as we New Yorkers often do, with Sorayu next to me. While I was walking, I took out my scarf and wrapped it around my neck,and took my time adjusting it.  Out of habit I touched my ears to make sure my gold hoop earrings were still on. 

One was gone. 

How the heck do I find a gold hoop earring in Manhattan?!

Of course, with my sentimental feelings completely out of wack, I started to freak out. Sorayu was confident we'd find them if only we traced our steps to the moment I put on the scarf. I continued to whine about all the nooks and crannies, potholes, manholes and pedestrians in all of the City.

She took my hand and in true Disney-happiness fashion (Sorayu is a true-life, Disney Connoisseur that I hope to introduce you to one day) talked me off the emotional cliff. She used her eagles eyes...and we found the earring EXACTLY where I put on the scarf.

CRaZy! Crazy that she found it. Crazy that I went nuts over an earring. 

But it wasn't about an object. It's what it symbolized: my first step in treating myself... the first time I gifted myself for my accomplishments. And I didn't want to see that go down a literal NYC drain.

It's funny how a thing like that can have so much meaning.