Sunday, March 6, 2011

Be Confident. Be Bold. Be Amazing. #VSIncredible

I'm going to be excluding the boys on this one... but I think they'll be able to appreciate certain aspects of this post - basically, the models. 

Candice Swanepoel

I was invited to Victoria's Secret in Soho to check out their new signature fragrance...Incredible. I was taken on a tour by the fabulous @DreamTeamSusan (courtesy of @LBConnect) to see how the Incredible perfume compliments the Incredible bra in its sexy scent.

Now, when it comes to perfume, I have to be careful. I'm actually allergic to most - I sneeze non-stop if it's too strong. So I normally stick to one light perfume or lightly scented lotions. But this floral fruity fragrance is a very flirty summer scent (say that three times fast). I really like it. It will be nice to change up my perfume without torturing my nose in the process. So this is actually kinda perfect. 

I thought it was so pretty how they introduced the elements of the scent with each version of the Incredible bra, which allowed me to see and taste the elements that make up the notes of the perfume. Which are, "bright magnolia, sparkling pear and sultry sandalwood."
If you want to get deep into it...

Top: juicy white peach, pear, water lily
Middle: magnolia, honeysuckle, iris flower
Dry-down: natural vanilla, sultry Australian sandalwood, liquid musk, coconut milk
As my mom recently stated, "the perfume is so delicious, you could eat it." Yes! But  please don't ingest it.  

They gave me a bottle of Incredible perfume. So when you meet me and I smell like heaven, you'll know why. 

During the tour, there were so many versions of the Incredible bra available. I'm predictable so I chose the beige racer-back (they gave it to me!). It's like I go into viejita mode and forget that they had such an array of colors. My mind only thinks in beige or black. I could have stepped it up and done... gray... LOL - I'm not gonna lie and say I'd do a hot pink. Cuz I'm dull like that.Of course Buttercup got the sexy leopard print. 

I got the royal treatment at VS. I was spritzed, got a sexy-ass bra, and then got my pale "I'm dying look" erased by the FABULOUS Suzy Gerstein who made me feel like a million bucks. I wish I had her here every morning doing my makeup. Not only can she work magic but she's funny as hell, y ella habla EspaƱol!

The fabulous Suzy Gerstein doing my makeup

She made me over in the style of the VS models, with all the shimmer and shine. I felt sooo purdy with my glowing face and my very fashion-forward gray sweater and black cords ( as for my outfit, can you spell  fa·ce·tious). As you can see from the first pic in this post, after my VS makeover, I had the opportunity to chat it up with Candice Swanepoel who loved my makeup!
The gorgeous Adriana Lima

I also interviewed Adriana Lima who stated that feeling good all starts with what you wear underneath, and the Incredible bra was where to start!  I'll save the interview for a later post...maybe ...because it was my first interview ever Ever EVER! I'm not a journalist. But I think my deposition skills helped me a smidge.  But no, funny pants, I did not depose her.

I have to agree with Adriana's statement about the right under garments. If what's under there makes you feel good, then you exude that confidence. That's actually what I told Sorayu the other day.  Plus smelling delicious and looking fabulous always does the trick... then you will be the epitome of SWAGGER! And I definitely walked out of the VS Incredible event, feeling confident, bold, amazing and just....incredible. 



I was not compensated for this post. I received the Incredible perfume, Incredible bra and a sparkly lip gloss at this event. I hope after you read this you'll feel motivated to make sure you feel Incredible every day.