Sunday, February 13, 2011

#LushLunes: Love Yourself

LushLunes gives us something to look forward to on Mondays.  Click here for our history with LushLunes

The LushLunes mission  can be anything from a contemplative assignment to an actual mission. Today's LUSH LUNES ASSIGNMENT is in honor of this loving holiday: 

El Día de San Valentín.

To make this Monday (Valentine's Day) a Lush one, give yourself a Valentine. Most of us spend a lot of time catering to others, and making others feel special. And that's great. But don't forget YOU in the process. Get yourself a little treat - whether it's chocolate, a poem, a bunch of flowers, or a new book to read, gift yourself something that will make you feel special and loved. Because YOU my deep thinkers have got to LOVE YOURSELVES first. 

Please share your deep thoughts on how you decided to make this Lunes, on Valentine's Day, a Lush one!!!

#LushLunes - Making your Monday suck less.