Monday, February 21, 2011

Lush Lunes - Spice Up Your Day

Today being President's day, many of us are off from work. So take advantage of today. Now of course, I've got all of this exciting cleaning planned, but that's not a way to make this Monday a Lush Lunes. A broom and a mop do not spell "Lush" or "Me Time."

Click HERE for some LushLunes background to understand what I mean.


To make this Monday  a holiday in which most of us are off from work a Lush one,  try to limit the amount of To-Do's on your list. If you must get things done, then take the time to make everyday tasks fun, fancy or sexy. 

Drink a glass of water from a wine glass. Dance-it-out in your sala or in front of the mirror! Lounge on the couch in your sexy pajamas instead of those jogging pants you're wearing. Just a little something to spice up an otherwise ordinary day full of crap-to-get-done. 

Please share your deep thoughts on how you spend your LushLunes

#LushLunes - Making your Monday suck less.