Friday, February 18, 2011

Ask And You Shall Recieve

When I was a teenager, a part of me must have been trying to reveal my desire to become an actress and to perform. I was walking through Times Square and I said out loud to my friend,"one day I will be on a billboard." I didn't know why I said that, or how that could ever happen, but I just thought it would be true. 

About five years later it happened.

After I passed the bar, my alma mater called me up and asked me to take some pictures for the school admissions book. We had the photo shoot by the Court houses. It turned into a City-wide campaign the same year that I accepted a job at a firm just up the block from where those photos were taken. I was on a billboard, on trains, on buses, in the newspaper. I was shocked. It ran for two years, while I was at the firm.

That's the law of attraction. It's as simple as that.

my cousin posing with my face.

A few years ago I started blogging as a way to make my life bearable. Then blogging became this thing that I fell in love with. As a result, I met so many bloggers who inspired me to continue to blog.

Around the same time I realized I wanted to be an actress and started pursuing it. I got a letter in the mail from an organization - HOLA - that I'd heard of years prior when I was in law school. This organization I'd encountered in the hopes of pursuing entertainment law became a resource when I joined up as an actress.

While I was blogging, I realized that this platform could open doors for me as an actress, if I just made my intentions known. Many of you have really lit a fire in me to continue with my blogging (thank you for that). And with my acting, one of my favorite bloggers sparked the idea to allow my blogging to segue into becoming a spokesperson, which would open the door for acting (her name is Ms. Latina).

Although that hasn't happened yet, I recently got a HUGE reminder...

What's the reminder? I don't think it's a coincidence after meeting her over the summer that she became a spokesperson, has appeared on television and her face just happens to be plastered on a billboard in front of my job.

Holy inspiration.

Ms. Latina
For all my hard work, for all my sacrifices, for all my juggling of life, work, relationships, friends and family, I got a reminder that HE has not forgotten me. That HE is working with me. That I am not alone. Not one bit. And that everything I need to achieve my goals, I already have. And that everything truly happens for a reason.

The wheels are turning.

The Universe - God - whatever you believe in, speaks to us in so many ways. 

Sometimes it's a whisper. 

Sometimes it's a billboard.