Monday, January 17, 2011

Resolving to be healthy

I am resolving to be healthy and lead a more balanced lifestyle...again. This time, I want it to stick. Not for the sake of the New Year, but just for the sake of getting healthy once again. 

I don't do resolutions. I have goals. I post them up on my vision board. And I try to be realistic. 

But thinking about what I want is not enough. I needed to propel myself into action. And that meant being serious about living a more balanced and healthier lifestyle.

There was a time where fitness was part of my routine. I don't diet. I have never dieted. I just watch what I eat and I eat in moderation.  But since my yoga, my running, and my exercise came to a stand still a few months ago, at the golden age of never mind... non-dieting alone was not cutting it. Shocker

In terms of my body, I need to lose 10lbs, but I'm not starving myself.  I'm starting slowly instead of boot-camping myself all over the floor. Yoga and regular exercise are now a mandatory part of my schedule.

In terms of my health, I'm getting myself centered. I'm getting back into a meditation routine and remembering to pray! I'm also making time to have in real life social interaction. That's crucial to a healthy lifestyle, don'tchaknow. If that isn't enough, I haven't forgotten another important thing: Going to bed. There's a concept. My body has been crying out for sleep for a while. Now I'm actually listening. 

What does all of this mean? In order to do this, it means I have to regulate how much time I spend in front of the computer..don't worry - I've been doing extremely well considering how I use to be.  So I consider myself well on my way... besides, it all starts with the first step.

It's a lot. I know. But all of these things: exercise, sleep, healthy eating, social interaction, disconnecting from social media, spiritual nourishment  are all part of me trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. It's also part of my balance.  

Friggin' balance. It takes a lot of work. I just hope I can keep it up.

Have you been taking action to live a healthier lifestyle, (and not just for January)?