Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Pocket Full of Motivation

Over a year ago I read this article on Eva Mendes in Marie Claire that really stuck with me. 

On Eva's key chain, I spot 10 or so credit-card-size things in bright colors. They look like larger versions of the discount passes big-box stores give out. Eva won't tell me where her cards are from, but ...After some good-natured begging on my part, she cops to the fact that each one holds some aphorism, something to provide focus and balance for her daily quest — the kinds of affirmations that toe the line between recovery literature and the change-your-life-now chart-busters found in every airport bookstore in the country.

Gamely, Eva agrees to read one aloud.

The line comes out like a confession. "How can I choose to have a good day today?" she says, and half-shrugs.

"I guess I'm just a total dork like that," she says.

No Acting PleaseI'm a total dork like that too. While I've been reading my newest assignment from my acting coach (I know I've been a bit tight lipped about my acting classes lately.. I don't know why that is).
I came across some exercises that I wanted to remember. The dork in me wanted to put up post-it notes on my mirror (but I'm trying to stay away from the How Do You Know type of post-it clutter)...but then I remembered the key chain tags. 

Aside from that I also wanted to put up a bunch of positive statements to motivate me every day. So I made my own key chain tags. 

Now, I used clear labels, a flexible binder that I cut to make these two sided key chain tags, and a hole punch. That way I can change the motivational sayings when I need to.

They're kind of long, but it's not bad for my first time doing this. I cut them in half and now they're the prefect size:

 I'm kind of excited to sort through them and practice my motivational exercises that also help me prepare my instrument as an actress.

Here's a sample of the labels I made: 

I think a lot of the sayings and exercises can be helpful to just about anyone, not just those studying acting. 

The clear labels were printed light blue, with dark blue font and used against a red background. The format with the image of the bird is rather symbolic of feeling peaceful and unrestrained (I found it on Microsoft word templates for "tags").

I'm excited to have this little tool around with me to remind me that I'm on the right path. If you're interested in having something like this, that's more durable and you don't need them to be custom made, I found some for purchase online that look really cool (See first image in post, or click link Here)

What tools do you use to motivate yourself?


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