Sunday, January 2, 2011

LushLunes 2011 - Intentions

Monday is the first #LushLunes of 2011.  That means our Mondays don't suck because they're Lush! Click HERE for some background.

LushLunes gives us a reason to make a day, an hour, or a minute, all about ourselves - because most of us need a reason to allow ourselves a little ME time. And this is it.

To make today a LushLunes, you can think up your own creative way, or you can share my mission, which we call the LUSH LUNES ASSIGNMENT:

To make this Monday (the 1st of 2011) a Lush one, I will take ten minutes to write down my intentions for 2011. What do you want out of this year? Really ask yourself what YOU want for YOURSELF...not what you think you should want. Then write it down where no one will see it. These are your hopes and dreams and that's personal stuff. You owe it to yourself to set your intentions in motion! [feel free to read this prior post about creating my vision board]

If you blog about how you spend your LushLunes, comment with the link to your LL post, otherwise, just let me hear your deep thoughts! 

#LushLunes - Making your Monday suck less.