Friday, January 14, 2011

Is It OK to Spoil Yourself?

I got a purple Coach tote over the holidays from my almost-sister-in-law.  I would never buy myself a purple handbag. Why? Well, because I always ask myself this question first: "Do I need this?"

The answer is almost always "No, I don't." 

Why? Because as a child I remember my mom telling me on a shopping trip, "we can only get things that we need." And since I was such a rule-follower, it stuck with me. 

I'm not one to flash logos, but Coach is one of my fave brands of leather bags. I just can't afford to spend like that these days. So this was a real treat. Especially since I've denied myself a new bag for a long time. 

I haven't bought one in four years. When my friend Sunshine went to the outlets a few weeks ago, I wanted so badly to go (because that's where I pick up my Coach bags, hello!), but I fought the urge.

I have two bags I wear to work (very snazzy  - one is black and the other is... can you guess it? yes, a sexy Brown) where I can fit documents. Outside of that I have about four small bags that I can wear outside of work.  To me, that seems like a lot. But to my hand-bag, accessory lovin' sister, that sure ain't enough! 

The question remains, should I spoil myself? 

Although times are tough, it's ok to splurge once in a while. After four years, it may be time to budget for a new Coach bag. I deserve it.