Friday, December 24, 2010

A Shout Out To The Bloggers

I wanted to take a moment to give props to the Bloggers that I know, read, and love.

Without naming anyone in particular, there are many Bloggers out there that don't really get support from their home base. Not necessarily because people think it's trivial (though they foolishly might think that way), but because they just don't understand social media or the blogosphere. 

Much like me, many of you pour your hearts out into your blogs, and I wanted you to know, that I take you seriously. I believe in your words, your work, your creativity, your art... all of it. 

This post is a lighter in my hand, swaying in the dark, humming "Give Peace A Chance" kind of mini-devotion.

If I comment on your blog, then you know I'm talking to you (if I haven't yet commented on your blog, comment here, and I will find you). I not only write out my soul onto HerDeepThoughts, but I also take the time to read what's going on in your world on your blogs. I know many of you do the same - and to all of you that take the time out of your days to read my blog, I thank you. You make me feel heard.

Why do I feel this little post is necessary? Well because what you put out there into cyberspace (and into my world when I read your posts) is a gift. Your heart before my eyes. And although many close to you may not  appreciate it, or "get it," please know that there is a little person out there in the real world that truly does (that's me). 

Please don't tame your voice. Type away.