Sunday, December 12, 2010

LushLunes - Enjoying Simple Pleasures

Mondays? They rock! Seriously... simply because we make it a #LushLunes!  

What is Lush Lunes? Click HERE for some background.

When participating in LushLunes you need to figure out how to celebrate your YOU-ness, for as little as five minutes.

You can think up your own creative way, or you can do whatever nonsense I have decided to do, which we call the LUSH LUNES ASSIGNMENT:

Today I will take something that made me happy as a kid, and indulge in my child-like nature. What specifically does this mean? Well, when I was a child my grandfather (papito) used to sell limber (popsicles made with coconut & a variety of flavors). He'd always give me a little cup that I could nosh on while sitting on the porch in Puerto Rico. Ahh the memories.

Recently on twitter, @nycitymama and @singlemamanyc started talking about incidentally freezing coquito (a puerto rican version of eggnog). Which is totally like limber, but with rum!! (see pic below where I jump in on the convo). And that's where I got this idea (thanks for the inspiration ladies!)...

...since I've made my batches of coquito, I've got one cup in the freezer that I'm going to enjoy on the couch this evening - just like the good ol' days with my limber. I will nosh, and watch mindless tv, and just veg out for at least 10 minutes. And yes, on a Monday. 

What child-like thing (with our without a grown up twist) will you do to make this Monday a fun day?? (with or without cheesey rhyming).

If you blog about how you spend your LushLunes, please link up, but whatever you do let me hear your deep thoughts! 

#LushLunes - Making your Monday suck less.