Sunday, November 14, 2010

On Snap! Kodak BusTour at BlogHer

You may recall me tweeting and writing about acting like a tourist in NYC. That's because I signed up for BlogHer10. Since then I have made some amazing connections with MANY bloggers. Some may thing this post is late (because it is late) but it's also timely in that the Holidays are fast approaching and I think this would make an awesome gift*.

While at BlogHer10, I got to attend a lot of cool events. One of those was the Kodak bus tour. 
I had no idea that I'd get a camera. 
Image from Kodak

Before this little surprise, I was bummed that I'd spent years buying cameras as gifts, but had always neglected myself. So I started camera shopping. I figured I'd be taking a stay-cation, so might as well act like a tourist. 

Then before I bought a thing, the people at Kodak were like, "are you definitely definitely coming?" 

And I'm like, "dude, I'm in." 

Then they're like, "cool, here's this bad ass camera to take pics of NYC"

And I'm like "HOLY I was just shopping for a camera and you're giving me one? Niiice!"

I was able to take this video with my Kodak Easy Share M580 indoors, while everyone was drinking:

I was also able to take fab pics all over Manhattan (which will be reserved for Wordless Wednesday posts to come).

They say you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth... because that's rude or something... But no ones watching, right? This is the verdict: this camera rocks. I love it. 

 The picture quality is clear and I think the sharing options are unique and helpful, though I see this "share" evolving into something even better (like maybe faster load times in bulk or even an instant wifi share... are you listening Kodak? I'm sure you are.)

Image from Kodak

The shutter time is faster than the other brand cameras I've purchased for my family members in the past, the quality is amazing, and the share options let you post to as soon as you plug it into your computer. I think this would make a great Holiday gift (head over to Kodak and check out the specs)

It beats the other cameras I bought as gifts in the past, hands down.

If you're just a person who likes taking pics &  posting them for your friends, snag yourself a Kodak Easy Share my friends. Or gift it! Kodak is offering some discounts on their cameras this Holiday season. Head over to to print out your coupons!

Note to My Readers:
This should be my last BlogHer post (are you saying Hooray! right now?) I was going to post about some products I liked that were given to me at BlogHer but when I reached out to their reps about a few months ago requesting that they offer my readers a discount, they didn't respond. But Kodak did!

However, since I did like those products, they will be part of my "Gift Yourself Holiday guide to Gift Giving" (say that three times fast) which will be coming shortly.

Hold onto your gift-horses! 

I was given the Kodak EasyShaer M580 camera while at BlogHer, as well as a free Bus Tour. No Monetary compensation was received. The opinions in this post are purely my own.