Monday, November 22, 2010

Lush Lunes - How Have You Been Celebrating Mondays?

Mondays - they're not so bad. Why? Because  We've got  #LushLunes!

What is Lush Lunes? 
Click HERE for some background.

As you know, Monday's are now ME days. Which means you can come up with your own creative way to pamper yourself or or you can do your homework assignment.
Over the past few weeks, these have been your HW assignments: 
  Here is your ASSIGNMENT:

This week, if you haven't done any of the prior assignments, you can start now. I want you to either pick any of the above, or come up with your own LushLunes mission. And link up below. Tell me how you make Mondays something to savor as opposed to something you detest. 
My life has been a little crazy lately, so I need you to do what you can to make this Lunes very Lush if you're stuck at the office or stuck in general!!! 
This week it's a blog hop. So if you copy/paste the embed code into your post, anyone who links up will be shown on your blog. 

Please comment after linking so I can hear your deep thoughts!

#LushLunes - Making your Monday suck less.


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