Monday, November 22, 2010

Gift Yourself Holiday Guide to Giving

I love the Holidays. The smell of arroz con gandules being stirred, the pavo roasting and the coquito being poured is the best thing about winter because this yumminess continues through January. And so does the gift giving. Woo Friggin Hoo!!! 

Since I always start early when it comes to shopping for gifts, I decided to put together a list of things I have received as gifts, things I will buy for others, and things I have purchased for myself!

Hopefully this will help give you some shopping ideas and some incentive to treat yourself.



Over the past three years, I have given digital cameras as gifts and that's the only electronic item I would give. But now that I'm a more educated consumer (LOL) I have found a better brand of camera and an alternative electronic gift that might be useful for the neat freak in all of us.

Kodak EasyShare M580 14MP Digital Camera with 8x Wide Angle Optical Zoom and 3.0 Inch LCD (Pink)
  • Kodak Easy Share*  I just love my Easy share M580 Digital Camera. The sharing options are great and the picture quality is impeccable. Kodak is offering some great discounts on their newer model (M590), the play touch and the M530, so you can do some smart shopping. Head over to: for printable coupons. 

  • The Power Mat* will let you charge three electronic devices without taking up too much room in your outlets. Whats great about it is, you don't have to lug your charger everywhere because it comes with different fits for different products/phones. Its a fun gift for the tech geek in all of us. However it's not exactly wireless charging. There are wires involved but not attached to your walls - just on the power mat.
Powermat PMM-3P-B1 Three Position Mat for Wireless Device (Black)

 Powermat PMM-1PB-B2A One Position Mat with iPhone 3G, 3G S Hard Case (Black)




You know how I am about jeans. These are two fun finds and it's the only location in this post where I list prices because it is actually the most important category when it comes to gifting yourself. You need to feel good during the Holidays and if you're not up for dressing up, these jeans will keep you looking festive and sexxxxxxy. 
 Part jean, part legging, totally sexy. Our hottest gotta-have, now even stretchier for the comfiest, curve-hugging fit. Faux front pockets. Back patch pockets: $59.50
This is the only Jegging I have ever loved.  I like the price and I look and feel like a Hot Chick in these jeans. I don't look or feel like that hot VS model in the photo, but my own fully-clothed version. 

Look "10lbs lighter in 10 seconds." Skinny Minnie jeans were designed to sculpt, mold, and conceal, for the ultimate slimming experience.  $110
These jeans do make you look much thinner, and though I'm not fond of the price, they're not lying. But they fail to mention that these are only winter jeans - if you wear them in the summer you will die from the heat!

Both jeans are great. I love them. I feel slim in both. One is less expensive than the other... and you know how I feel about price when it comes to jeans (you should not have to pay a fortune). 

Here's the kicker - I didn't have to buy them online because I got to try them out at their respective blogging events (see disclosure below). You, however, would have to buy them online. You know how I feel about that (need a refresher? Click Here to see my prior post on Jeans )... but if you are willing to take the risk, check out their measurements and make sure the return policy is a good one.



You can buy nail polish or lip glosses but those can get tricky. You can also opt for lotions from Bath & Body works as a fail safe, but these are some ideas that I think are unique, required some thought by the gift giver, and might be fun for you to gift-yourself with.
  • Laura Mercier Body and Bath: The body lotions - especially the Creme Brulee  and the almond coconut milk - are delicious and luxurious. 
Laura Mercier Creme Brulee Body & Bath Collection 12 oz Souffle Body Creme
  • Bare Minerals The Get Started Kit is a great way to introduce an awesome makeup line to someone, but it can get tricky if you don't know their exact skin tone. So opt for a brush set instead (you can find it a Sephora, on the Bare Minerals site, or at any Bare Escentuals store)

  • Meaningful Beauty Starter Kit: I think it's a good gift to introduce someone to a great brand of skin care products, and there's no trick to it. You don't need to know their skin type. 

People! We must not forget our host/hostess! If you don't know this by now, you must never ever ever attend a party empty handed. It's a wonderful way to say thank you to the host/hostess for throwing the event and inviting you. So, please consider bringing one of these items to your next event, otherwise, grab a bottle of wine and bring that (but at least don't forget put it in a nice bag/gift box for goodness sakes!)

  • Baked By Melissa: these little cupcakes are addictive. ADDICTIVE! They're the best around. I'm drooling as I look at that picture.

  • Coquito: This is a creative and thoughtful Do-It-Yourself. It takes a little planning but if you do it in advance it's a great gift. Check out my vlog on how to make this delicious Holiday drink (when gifting put it in a nice wine bag or wine container - don't just bring a bottle in your hand! LOL)


Some say gift cards are too impersonal. But I beg to differ. If you really think about what that person likes, but you want to give them an option on what they buy, gift cards can be a fun gift. I've had the most success with these:

  • JetBlue gift card for frequent jet setters - you will get a squeal with this one. My mom did! 

  •  Get an iTunes gift card for those who love to download! I get this for my secretary, always.

  • Fandango gift card for movie lovers, and for those who need a push to pamper themselves. I did this for my Deep Thinkers - and you liked it!
 Fandango Gift Card $50 Gift Card (0109) Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, 6" Display, Graphite - Latest Generation


I hope you enjoyed my Holiday Gift-Yourself guide. My goal was not only to give you ideas on what you can give to others but to make you aware of what you can gift-to-yourself.

during the holidays. 

It's about YOU too. ;)



Items with an asterisk * are items provided for free at BlogHer. Items with two  ** asterisks were provided at the Victoria's Secret event which was open first to bloggers, then to the public. No financial compensation was given.

This recommendation is my own opinion which has not been influenced by ANY company in anyway. I just like the stuff.

All the items listed are things I think my readers might enjoy. Images are from  I am an Amazon Associate.