Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another In Real Life Update

My grandfather "Papito" gets out of the hospital today. Thanks for all your support - I really really appreciate it. I am overwhelmed by the responses via twitter, on my blog, on facebook and even via BBM.

You all brought tears to my eyes - most of you are strangers and you reached out to me. I literally looked up and whispered to God a small thank you. Thank you for the kind words of these strangers. 

As a Latina I was raised to be tough - or at least not to fall apart in public. And so with my tough mask on, your kind words gave me the license to just let go, and cry what I needed to cry in the privacy of my home, after every evening in the hospital.  

Today is Day 7 and the final day of his hospital stay.  He's very delicate, being 91 years old and all, so we can only hope for the best and be thankful for having him around for as long as we have.

Papito has been a "dad" for most of his grandchildren. Certainly for me. When I needed support, confidence, a shoulder to cry on, Papito was there. He stepped in where my father would not. In a house full of women, Papito has been the constant male influence in our lives. He raised us to be fearless. He's the leader of all the little Puerto Rican Amazon women in my family.  

I know he's very old, but that doesn't mean it will hurt me any less when he's gone. For now, though, I will be grateful. He knows how much I love him. And I'm glad to know that the feeling is mutual.

Thanks again for all the support you've shown me. It really means a lot. You really touched my heart.