Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome to Funkville

Something is definitely wrong when you spill something and you want to just cry.

I basically took a bite of pizza, which was after signing up for Jillian Michaels online program to tone up this body, and a nice chunk of cheese fell on my pink shirt and my black "pants" [aka jeans because I'm not supposed to wear jeans to work, so if I call them pants, then its ok].

I'm wearing a pink blouse today, people. This is not shocking to you? Leme splain somsing to ju. My closet consists of black, white, brown, grey, navy, and beige. I bought this pink blouse on Monday. Friggin pink. Friggin stupid pink because I'm trying to expand my friggin color horizon.

So I'm not actually crying over the spilt milk - er, cheese -  but about all the other things that have been building, and that I just tuck away for a better time.

It's not really the stupid cheese or the stupid pink. A lot has transpired this week, and I think I'm exhausted from organizing and tucking these things into little corners.

There's the funeral, the blasted roofing issue, my financial issues, the matter of my orthocylen-rage pills that may or may not be making me into a monster, the fifteen pounds that I have to lose so that I can fit into my cheese-stained jeans - pants! - and the fact that I am utterly exhausted all the time.   waaa, waaa, waa. where's my bottle?

So although I wanted to start October with a positive note, all, "Do, a dear, a female dear, Re, a drop of golden sun," it ain't gonna happen.

I'm not all rays of sunshine anyway, no matter how many smiley buttons I put on my jean jacket [figuratively speaking of course. I don't wear flair. Or jean jackets... anymore.]

I do try to be positive people, but I just can't today. Despite my suck-fest attitude, I hope you all have a great day without any milk or cheese spillage issues that cause you to have an emotional break down [I'm not there, but the day ain't over yet.] 

Stupid friggin pink. Stupid friggin cheese.

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