Monday, October 4, 2010

Today is Our First #LushLunes

The Art of Doing Nothing: Simple Ways to Make Time for YourselfMondays often suck. But what if we had a #LushLunes to look forward to?

Perhaps Mondays would suck less.

I'm experimenting with the notion that if we have something small to look forward to on a Monday - aside from the end of the day - then maybe our Monday (or "Lunes" in Spanish) could be something to celebrate instead of drag our feet to.

It can become a way to cultivate or incorporate some serenity into our Mondays.

The dictionary defines Lush as

savory, delicious, appealing to the senses, sumptuous

— lush·ly adverb

— lush·ness noun


If only Lunes would fee like that. And so it will... at least I hope. This is the first #LushLunes ever, (I hope to make it weekly), so lets keep it "simple."

Here is your ASSIGNMENT:

  • Today, you will give yourself five to minutes for #LushLunes to savor your favorite drink. Easy right?  Whether that's coffee, tea, a glass of wine, a hot tottie, hot cocoa, a mojito or a milkshake, it will be something you really enjoy, and you will do nothing while having your drink. No phone, no talking, no work, no errands, no responsibility - just relaxing. Let it "appeal to your senses." Let it consume you. (Try to aim for ten minutes of "Me Time"). Be mindful during your homework, and allow it to be the only thing on your mind.

Consider #LushLunes "Il dolce far niente," being carefree, indulging in idleness, or the art of doing nothing.  

No Guilt Allowed.

It's your homework - I'm forcing you, so now you have an excuse as to why it is necessary,(sometimes, you need someone to give you the permission), so have at it!

Please share your "deep thoughts" and let me know whether you chose to accept your #LushLunes mission.

You can comment, tweet about it or if you choose to post on your blog about your LushLunes, please share your link in your comment below!


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