Friday, October 8, 2010

Removing Obstacles. Pursuing Passion.

I haven't heard an expression that captured it quite like this:
It's like there was a drought, and suddenly there was water; I couldn't get enough.
-Katherine Bigelow (on film making)

So there was this drought. I was practicing law in the desert and I was completely unhappy. And then I started blogging. Water! But only for a time, because I'm still in the desert and my throat burns. Then I started acting.  More water! Then I'm parched again, thank you friggin desert. Someone open the flood gates!!! Please! But no. Just enough water to survive.

But I've tasted the relief. And now I'm thirsty for more water. Always thirsty. Thirsty for more.
This desert can't hold me down.

I get lost in blogging. I get lost when I'm acting. I am so immersed, time eludes me. I am so happy doing these things. Splashing waves of happiness against my cheek. Gulping little gulps. Only for a time because there's only so much water in my the moment.

To survive in the desert one cannot get lost. One must move toward a certain goal, or die trying.

So that's where I am. Slow and steady, thirsty, moving toward a goal, very much aware of the sand burning my toes.
But never letting it stop me.

One day, there will be enough water.

Not just to drink. But to swim.