Monday, October 18, 2010

#LushLunes - Ice Cream Cures Mondays

An Awesome Book!Ever have a case of the Mondays? That's why we have #LushLunes.

What is Lush Lunes? 
Click HERE for some background.

As you know, Monday is now "My Day" Which means you can come up with your own creative way to pamper yourself, or you can do your homework.

If you want homework, here is your ASSIGNMENT:
  • Today, you will take get a  #LushLunes ice cream. Why? Because ice cream is nostalgic. It brings to mind happy thoughts of watching a movie with the family, or running after the Mr. Softee truck, or memories of the cold relief from a hot summer day, after running around with your friends playing tag. Embrace your child-like nature! Get a pint from the grocery store, go to Cold Stone or head over to Baskin Robins, and hunt down your fave flavor. Then savor it.  Ice Cream paints everything the color happy, so enjoy your happy time! This is conscious "Me Time." Be mindful during your homework, and allow it to be the only thing on your mind.

No Guilt Allowed.

Please share your "deep thoughts" and let me know whether you chose to accept your #LushLunes mission. 

You can comment, tweet about it or if you choose to post on your blog about your LushLunes, please share your link in your comment below!

 #LushLunes - Making your Monday suck less.


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