Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Unlikely Adventure of Race McCloud Private Eye |A Play|

Do you want to check out a play for $20 in New York City? I know YOU do!

As a patron of the arts, I like giving my deep thinkers the inside scoop on plays in New York, and is just so happens that a play by Tom Hoefner is opening shortly.

Who's Tom?
This writer, director and teacher was at one time my college frat brother. He so graciously gave me the information and support I needed when I decided to take the first leap into acting (last year!). He also gave me my first audition (at the end of which I did an 80's fist-pump by the subway station). And since he and his family are such great people, I'm very excited to share this information with all of you to show my support.

The Unlikely Adventure of Race McCloud Private Eye is bound to be very funny and I'm sure you're going to have a great time. I myself will be there to show my support (it's only running from September 9, 2010 - September 19, 2010 so make sure to snag a ticket! ).

I've watched many of Tom's plays since college. I'm happy to see Race McCloud has since evolved and is getting the attention it deserves.

Interested? Here are the Details (click image to enlarge):

Feel free to click this link and go straight to the site for more information:

And if you want the inside scoop on the inner-workings of the mind of a playwright, click HERE to go straight to Tom Hoefner's blog. 

You can also follow updates on RaceMcCloud through the following links: YouTube   Facbook & Twitter

I hope to see you there!