Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Time Out

Baby has been put in a corner. 

I run around from task to task, cappuccino in hand, with my face in my work, a book, my blackberry, my computer screen, my TV and then shoved in my pillow, exhausted.

Face in cell, instead of at the scenery
That is not a way to behave. It's time to shut off the blackberry, the laptop, and the tv. It's time to close the book and put the work away. 

There are too many distractions.  I need to be alone with my thoughts for a minute.

I don't need to check my cell every time there's a message. I'm actually not that important. No ones life is in my hands...so messages can wait until later.

I don't need to check twitter, my blog, my website, or my facebook page 100 times a day. Once will do (notice I didn't say I could skip it - I am passionate about my blog and social media, but I need limits).

There's always a screen in front of my face or noise in my ears. These are just distractions from the present moment. I need to take five minutes to listen to my breathing, open my heart, and get centered.

Sometimes I just need to lecture myself on what's important - Me.

In the spirit of being centered, I have been meditating more and nourishing my body, mind and soul over the past two weeks - and I've been limiting my online behavior so that I can have more in-real-life time. 

Was it effective? Yup. People noticed I wasn't online. People noticed?! *sigh* That's how extreme my online behavior became. 
So my deep thinkers, please don't think I've abandoned you. I will get to the posts I've promised to continue and will respond to your comments. 

I'm just trying to put myself on a schedule. I know you beautiful people understand. 
It's just time for my time out. 

Have you had to put yourself in a corner lately? Please share your deep thoughts on why you've had to take a time out!