Thursday, September 30, 2010

News Flash: More of the Same, Because You Love it!

my creative image. mine. for realz.
This is just an update on Her Deep Thoughts and the information I was able to gather from my lovely deep thinkers since my survey.

After reviewing my survey results, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

It gave me some insight into what I can leave behind on my blog and what I should continue to pursue.

Basically, you, my readers, like my stuff.

*wiping beads of sweat off forehead in relief*

You want more of the topics I'm passionate about, that I write and vlog about, so I will do my best to deliver.

But all in all, you like the content and that sincerely makes me happy.

[insert cartwheel...           HERE.]   So I'm gonna keep riding this train 'til you're sick of me!

What should you expect for the rest of the year?

I hope to vlog more, inspire you with my snarky comments, make sure you're privy to the things that inspire me, and continue to pour my soul all over your shoes.

What a cliffhanger, right?

Since the Holidays are approaching, I've got a few giveaways planned and some info on products that made a huge impression on me at BlogHer which might help you with the Holiday shopping (wait, you're not like me already nagging people for lists of what they want? It's almost October people! What are you waiting for?! Ok, let me calm my OCD face right now).

So stay tuned!

Thanks again, from the bottom of my widdle heart.

Hugs & Besitos,