Monday, September 20, 2010

How Well Do You Treat Yourself? [Part 2]

Is it OK to want more? Is it OK to ask for more?


Who said we weren't entitled? Who said we weren't deserving? Who said? And what authority does this "who" have anyhow?

Asking for more out of this life and for yourself, (if you desire more), is part of treating yourself better.

Keep that inner dialogue clean:

I can. 

I want.

I deserve.

"Live as you will have wished to have lived when you are dying" - Christian Gellert

If you can project yourself into your best future, what do you see?

In the spirit of living in the now and tapping into that great energy we are all connected to, I am going to ask you one question that I hope you answer truthfully in your heart: What do YOU want? Do you take the time to ask yourself this - that is before you're done helping others with what they want? 

When you are 100 years old will you be able to say, I took risks, did everything I set my heart on, and have no regrets whatsoever because my life was an amazing adventure and I touched so many lives in the process?

I sincerely hope that you will be able to say that with a great big fat smile on your face.
I hope I will be able to say that too. 

You can have all the things you want in this life. It all starts with the first step. Acknowledge that you want it. Then acknowledge that you can have it. 

Where's your list? Did you make it? Did you then say, "ok that's what I want, I'm doing what I can to get there and I know it will come to fruition?" It's more proactive than wishing on a star (but I believe those come true too). 

In 2006 I did that (aside from star wishing). I made my list and with the steps I took to get there, it came true that same year. As promised in Part One of this post [need a refresher? Click Here] , here's my list:
My Intentions in 2006

Since then I have learned to become very specific (what you see above is too general).  I've since upped my Intentions game. 

I made my first intentions board in 2008 when I decided I deserved more from this life, from family, from friends, from my partner, and from myself. 

I got everything on that list. I got everything on my intentions board. And then some.
(This is where retrospect comes to play; retrospect can be a naughty fellow, but he can also be quite charming. And you won't know anything about him until the dust settles. So two years later, after so many things have changed, in retrospect, I realize it really was for the better).
Do you know what you want on your list?
Presently my list (mini portable version of my current vision board) has set my intentions out into the Universe once again. However, I want to add more to it and be even more specific. So I've been reading this really great book:

"How To Find The Work You Love" by Laurence G. Boldt.

The book asks a very simple question: "What do I want my life to have been about?"

Reading this book has challenged me on so many levels to ask questions I've been afraid to ask. However, it also helps me to realize that I've answered a lot of them (so it gives you the encouragement that you are well on your way!).

The things that we want for ourselves (if we dare to ask them) change as we change, and grow as we grow.  Its OK if you ask for different things a few years down the line.

When you set your intentions for yourself, you will notice how things happen in your favor, and you will look back on that list and say, "whoa, I got that." You will also see that different people will appear on your path while others slip away. It all has a purpose.

No matter the result, just make sure your inner dialogue throughout this process is positive. Be good to yourself (aka the care you put into others, give to yourselves my dears). Dare to ask yourself what you want. And Don't scoff at your dreams. Because what you believe is what you'll get.

 "Whether You Believe You Can, Or You Can't, You Are Right" -Henry Ford

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The image of the 2006 list is from my diary.