Thursday, September 2, 2010

How well do you treat yourself? [Part 1]

my meditation corner in my walk-in closet
I meditate for ten minutes a day (need a refresher? Click HERE). But lately its been getting longer - like 20 to 30 minutes a day. It's part of the process for me to treat myself better and giving me some ME time; some spiritual time.  

It's not easy.

The more I meditate, the harder it gets. In the beginning it was all zen and like, "pssh this is easy." But now that I think I'm really digging, self doubt likes to creep in. It likes to make my meditation a frustrating experience instead of a beautiful one. My ego likes to throw me into yesterday or tomorrow instead of the moment.. and my breathing gets ragged... and my leg starts to itch... and why is it so hot in here... is it almost over? 


I've been reading a lot of books I normally would hate to read. I call them self help books. I hate self help books. But that's not the section of the library or book store where you'll find these books [so maybe they're not self help? Can I trick myself that way? Kind of like, hold your nose and it won't taste bad?]. 

I normally hate to read books that tell me what to do to live a better life. I'm the kind of person that would rather be shown through a personal story (like Eat Pray Love). 

However, my acting coach has a philosophy that "it all starts in here (pointing at his forehead)." And He's right. It's all about our inner dialogue, and where we focus our attention. Whatever the means, the goal is always the same. And if we're always telling ourselves we can't, then that defeats the whole "We Can. We Want. We deserve."

The lesson to be taught is also the same: If we're always looking to the future or dwelling on the past, we never live in the present moment. Then we suffer from anxiety, stress, or depression as a result.

Nobody wants to be depressed, stressed or anxious. I've been there.

It's not the travel destination of my choice. 

So in following his method, [aside from rehearsing scenes] he's assigned many books for me to read that have nothing to do with acting. Some of these include: Practicing the Power of Now by Tolle and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Chopra. 

(they're not self help books)
(they're not self help books)
(they're not self help books)

Although I'd been on a path of self discovery and  practicing the law of attraction for a while now, I found that these books are helping me with my meditation and to help hone my Intentions board. 

 In The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, the law of intention and desire asks the reader to make a list of their desires, to carry it wherever they go, and to look at it before bed, when they wake up and before meditation. Then, [and this is important] surrender to the Universe, who is always working in their favor.  [click HERE to go to Chopra's page to read the list] 

Practicing the Power of Now has a lot of similar "advice," especially about letting go and to cease the waiting for your life to start, so that you LIVE in the present moment. 

It's a LOT to absorb. 
friggin' deep. 

This practice is helping me to clarify the things that I want and to become detached from the result. Basically, trusting that what I want will come to fruition without sitting around waiting, hoping, and stressing. 

The funny thing is, when I first practiced the law of attraction in 2006, I was detached from the result. And I was in a positive place in my life. What did my list look like when I first started this practice? That will be revealed in part 2 of this post...

But now that I'm on the path of treating what's "in here" (pointing at my forehead and my heart), better, I've been trying to quiet my mind and to make sure my inner dialogue is one of positiivity and love.
Do you take the time to do this? To nurture yourself? Your soul? If so, how and how often? What are your deep thoughts on this?


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