Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Creative Women In Social Media (STB Radio Guest Panelist)

Recently, I was part of the "Divine Nine" on Sisterhood The Blog Radio where host Ananda Leeke gathered us for a fabulous conversation on how creative women use the web and social media [need a refresher? click HERE].

Ananda (@anandaleeke) is using her radio show to conduct research on women in social media for her book project Sisterhood the Blog: Soundbytes from the 21st Century Women's Online Revolution (December 2011).

During the “cocktail hour” (which ran nine minutes past the hour - how auspicious!) we answered the following questions:

1) How does social media help you to express your creativity and/or promote creative clients, events, businesses, and organizations?

2) How much time do you spend implementing your social media strategies on a weekly basis?

3) Share one lesson learned from using social media.

The fabulous women on the panel included:

Carrie Ferguson Weir, a writer/former journalist/entrepreneur/publicist/ and editor of the TikiTiki blog  @TikiTikiBlog

Patranila Jefferson, an actress/singer/voiceover artist/writer/producer and creative director at Pretty Smart Films, LLC @patranila

Shawna Kenney, an author/journalist/creative writing instructor

Arielle Loren, a writer/filmmaker/new media strategist @arielleloren

Marielle Mariano, artist/art therapist/art educator and East Coast coordinator for CHALK4PEACE, Inc.

J.J. Michael, an author/publisher/blogger and founder of

Felicia Pride, an author/writer/speaker and founder of BackList

Mindy Tsonas, an artist, lifestyle designer and founder/creative director of Wish Studio

And me… Li aka La Licenciada, an actress/writer/blogger/attorney and founder of; @LaLicenciada @HerDeepThoughts

Special thanks to Anada Leeke for making feel so very important and giving me a forum to play in! ;)

Want to hear my answers and those of these amazing women? Click below to listen or click HERE to follow the link to the 8/30/10 show. 

Please feel free to share your deep thoughts on the questions above or on the discussion in a comment below!