Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Getting a Life - Video Shoot / Film Screening / Album Release Party

Nino Brown Story: Lil Wayne
As some of you may remember, a while ago I was in a video shoot for the Lil' Wayne Video, No Ceilings. My sister Buttercup was invited by DJ Scoob Doo and she asked me to come along.

Although it was very late at night, I had a lot of fun shooting the bbq scene on a rooftop in New Jersey. Portions of this scene were used in part 3 of the Nino Brown DVD series.

That was an experience in and of itself (see behind-the-scenes pics below), but it was also quite an experience attending the screening of Nino Brown 3.

I had the most jam packed social calendar that week. The day before the screening I got to see Lady Gaga [Need a refresher? Click here for post]. I got home by midnight and went to work the next day, readily prepared to go to the advanced screening at “Greenhouse.”

Flesh Tone
Lucky for me, the Kelis album release party was at the same location. We were invited by Buttercups friend, Mr. Marshall. We actually had a very good time despite the fact that I've never been to such an uppity place (hello, I had VIP everything, and I was still treated by the staff as though I should feel privileged) tsk tsk Greenhouse, but I digress.

Anyway, I arrived at the location on time, while Che and Buttercup were fashionably late. I had a mishap with some crazy high heel shoes (I looked like that girl who can’t walk in heels but is trying really hard…and then loses her shoe...then scuttles back to retrieve it...yes… very sexy indeed) but I made it into the club in one piece. I pretended to be very cool as I saw MTVs Sway and Free passing by me. You know, because I was in a cool place and I had to be all cool-n-stuff

Eventually, everyone got there and the screening began. The film begins and ends with Lil Wayne telling us to "Be amazing," and to be in awe of ourselves. Very good advice. And a very nice way to display a deeper and relfective side of this rapper. However, Justin Bieber rapping "A Millie" was one of my favorite parts of the film. Ok, real favorite part was the split-second where you see my face in the film [I’m sure I will write up a whole post about how you can see the side of my arm in the background scene I was in for RescueMe, LOL!].

From Left to Right: @LaLicenciada @ChristinaAplbum @MsDanaLee @JillianValentin
Missing from photo: @dominiquechinn
If you check out the DVD, fast forward to the last ten minutes,
and pause it when you see this image...
then close your eyes, and you will hear me scream into your subconscious mind, "that's me!")

DJ Scoob Doo at the Grill for the BBQ scene. I'm to the right between the lights.
Special thanks to @DJScoobDoo and Buttercup for letting me be a part of this.

After the screening I got to dance, sit in VIP acting all VIP, enjoy some free water and then finally go home…so of course I missed seeing Kelis perform  her song Acapella. I got a free copy of her CD FleshTone though, and I like it. But by the time I got home (3:30am) I was exhausted.

How do people stay up all night and go to work the next day when they need their brain fully functioning? How do they not bare their teeth at people who try to talk to them before coffee?

I complained about how tired I was to Co-Worker and he said, "yea, I feel sooo bad for you."
Ok, Ok, I get it.

It was difficult for me to function going to work the following day, but it really was a good week. I actually did something during the week instead of my usual: work, home, work, home, etc. I also realized that I need to get out more!

This was too much for one week, but doing something once a week to break up the monotony (besides working at home) is important. It’s called getting a life. I think I’ve got one now. ;-)

The images of the video shoot in this post were taken by @JillianValentin at the Lil Wayne "Ceilings" video shoot, portions of which were used for the Nino Brown 3 DVD. The images of Lil' Wayne and Kelis are from I am an Amazon Associate.