Thursday, August 12, 2010

Do the math: BlogHer10 - Social Skills = Me

I've got so much to say about the Kodak Bus Tour, BlogHer10, Getting Gorgeous, Glamour and Games, and all the fabulous parties... but those posts will have to wait for another time.

 Confused woman front-and-center is me at Kodak bus tour. 

In the meantime, I'd like to say something. I honest to God know how to behave in public (except during BlogHer when I only knew how to point and stand with my mouth gaping open, or shoveling food into my mouth) and I really am a smart cookie (except during BlogHer when my brain decided to take a vacation).

With that said, here are some of the worst ways I decided to say, "hello really awesome Bloggers, its me, Li!" And the lessons I learned from that behavior.

 My reflection in a diner.Out of body experience indeed.

  • Don't point in someones face, stare and say "hey, that's you?! You're you? Oh my God, I love you...[polite scared response] ...Yes, I love the fake ponytail...[polite exit]." [@thebloggess I'm sorry. I'm crazy.] 

  • Don't talk to random people on the subway you think you met at BlogHer. "Hey you're going home? [odd stare in response]... wait, I don't know you? [rapid shake of the head]. Oh." [@nycgirl0501 you have a high tolerance for my randomness. Thank you.] 

  • Don't growl at someone in confusion because you're so sleepy, and there's not enough coffee, (and why isn't there stronger coffee? c'mon Bustelo!) when they simply ask to go with you to a session. "What? You want to go where?! HUH? [sounding very much like a scene from the Exorcist] Where are we going? " [@BlogsByLatinas I'm an asshole in the morning.I'm lucky you still like me.] 

  • Don't shove someone and screech "I KNOW you! It's me!...[awkward silence] know, LaLicenciada [all loud]...[more staring  at her as she looks away from me]...[heart sinking...then light bulb]...wait, how many people tweet for that site? ohhhhh..." [@spanglishbaby you are both so awesome & I'm happy I didn't get punched, or arrested]

  • Don't try to greet someone you adore when you're all starstruck because the conversation will go like this: "I just wanted to say Hi and it's so great to meet you....[cordial response, then silence because I've lost all knowledge of words]...Ok... I'm going to the other party but I just wanted to say hi." [@MariaSantana I wish I could operate my words properly... I really do know how to speak.]

So long story short, there were several times I made an ass of myself, but there were other times when I was almost unrecognizable to myself, like my almost-panic-attack walking into BlogHer (why did I think there would be a tiny little check in desk and we'd all be sitting in a circle swapping stories... ) Or waking up with a neck that is sore as hell, such that I went into the bathroom lounge area and started doing yoga (and deciding I will greet people and direct them to the other bathroom where there is no line)... ahhh, I'm so very wonderful. 

All in all, the Blogueras I met at BlogHer really made this 

Those of you I hugged like I hadn't seen in 100 years (although I only just met you IRL) you know who you are. You made my friggin stay-cation in Manhattan awesome. And you made me feel so welcome, and kind of like a mini-celebrity. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Despite my awkward moments, I felt so much support and affection - a type of feeling that I've never had in the presence of an entire group of talented and powerful women, (despite a lifetime of being around groups of women). It warms my heart just thinking of it. Thank you.

 Me in my delicious bed. Why didn't we spend more time together, Bed?