Monday, August 2, 2010

BlogHer'10 - Subway, Walking, or Taking a Cab

As a New Yorker, I rely on HopStop to get me from point A to point B. Not only does it have subway directions, but there are walking directions on there too.

If you're on a mission to see New York City and you caught my post on places to go in New York [need a refresher? click here] HopStop is the way to get it all figured out.

I'm a New Yorker... and if I'm not driving, you bet I'm on the subway (I don't do buses).

Since I'm going to BlogHer'10 and I am trying NOT to get overwhelmed, I created a calender of all the sessions I want to attend, and the parties where I plan to rock out. They're on my Blackberry!


On the BlogHer site, you can find the profile of a BlogHer member who posted a public google calender of all the sessions by clicking HERE. Shilpa was cool enough to post this for everyone!

You can also just head over to the BlogHer website and print out the itinerary by clicking HERE. You can also avoid printing and go green, putting this on your smart phone instead... but that's your business to decide. No pressure.


I threw together some subway directions from the Hilton to various parties that are going on... these directions might not help you if you're not going to these parties outside of the Hilton, or if you're going to super outrageous amazing parties that I am not privy to, but feel free to take a peek in case we'll be in the same place - you know, where all the Bloggerati will be

 CLICK HERE for my public google document with subway/walking directions.


And if you see me at BlogHer'10 (looking all serious and squinty-eyed because I forgot my contacts) feel free to corner me and say "HELLO!" Scream it in my face. It's ok. I like that. LOL.

Image in this post via HopStop