Monday, August 2, 2010

BlogHer10 - Are You One of The Blogueras I Should Meet?


Latina Bloggers whose beautiful words dance across your eyes, leaving a virtual footprint in cyberspace.

Are you one of these Blogueras? Are you going to BlogHer'10 and/or the Social Fiesta?

Will I see you there?

Scouring the Twitterverse for Tweeple I converse with and looking through the blogs I frequent, I've made a mental list of Blogueras that I cannot wait to see working their magic at BlogHer'10 or at the LATISM Social Fiesta.

There are plenty of non-Latina bloggers out there that I definitely want to meet as well!!!  Basically, I'm just excited to meet all my fellow Bloggerati* out there!!!

*Note: I consider myself Bloggerati, simply because I love blogging, have a small blog, and think I'm so cool because of it... so cool, in fact, that it literally drives me to do cartwheels. Which most likely means, I'm not cool at all. So if you see that I write about how I'm part of the "Bloggerati" or talk about being "Bloggerati," I'm just cracking jokes. You know, how grandpa cracks jokes that no one finds funny? Yea that's me. And I'm very much aware that I'm not dooce. And I'm ok with that. :-)

If you're going to BlogHer'10 and/or the Social Fiesta please comment here or @ me on Twitter [@LaLicenciada], so I can make sure I don't forget to search for you!

Otherwise, feel free to hunt me down at BlogHer. ;-)

See you there!!!