Tuesday, July 13, 2010

You're Going Places Award

I recevied the "You're Going Places Award from NYC Girl at Heart (so head on over and check out her blog). Thanks so much for the award, chica!!! Lo aprecio!

So what are the rules? Upon receving this presitgious award, one must first blog about where they see themselves in ten years, then pay it forward by granting the award to someone else.

I feel like a kid in elementary school about to write an essay... I'm also very nervous because I want to get it right... you know, the law of attraction and be careful what you wish for... LOL But here goes:

Within ten years, I will be an established, successful, working, paid actress in film, television and commercials with steady work; I will maintain strong ties and relationships with my loving family; I will maintain and nurture a loving and strong relationship with my partner with whom I will have a family of my own; I will keep solid healthy positive relationships with my true friends; I will be in good health physically, spiritually and emotionally; I will be really happy and will always feel free to be myself at all times, always seeking / achieving balance; I will have travelled to many places around the world; my blog will become a book - my first of many; and I will make a difference in the world.

I know the Universe is listening. I get goose bumps just thinking about it. Cheers to dreams, and making them come true!

And now, drum roll please, I hereby nominate the following blogger, who I know will write something truly inspirational when it comes to where they see themselves in ten years:

Viviendo en dos idiomas - Living in Two Languages

Please feel free to pass by and share some blog love!