Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lady Gaga Rocks Madison Square Garden

I got to see Lady f¥¢£ing Gaga in concert B¡✗¢‡es!!! This is how I've been feeling, days after the concert.

So let me set the stage for you...



Swirling overblown raw images of the queen monster herself open the show.

Curtains, up...

then vroooooom, the first scene is a broken down car, her flashy dancer friends, and Gaga, trying to get to the Monster Ball.

I'm in heaven.

How do I convey the energy at the concert? Well, throw yourself on the floor, tell everyone you're tinkerbell and warn them that you're gonna die if they don't clap - NOW.

Then scream your own name like a bat at of hell having a tantrum. Then everyone, in turn, screams.....
That's what it's like to see "Lady GaGaaaaa!!!" [literally]

There were several set changes, costume changes, some heart pounding a capella, ripping electric guitar solos, a soothing violin and some really amazing scenes where Lady Gaga contorts herself to play the piano like no ones business (leg on keys, ass on keys, heels on keys, upside down)...and you just fall in love.

Here's a little side note: I remember being a kid throwing my leg up on the side of the arm chair because it was just comfy, and my dad yelling at me, ¡Siéntate bien en la silla!” (sit properly in that chair!) because ladies didn't sit that way. To this day, I throw my leg over the chair when I"m at home. I'm a lady, and I sit that way. And during the concert, Lady Gaga TOTALLY sat and played that way. So I win. LOL Ahh, the Memories.

She's raunchy. She's wild. She full of herself. And she's overwhelmed by the love of her fans. She's well spoken and an inspiration. Her monologue will move you, as she explains, it wasn't too long ago that she was sitting where we were "watching some bitch on stage." Then when you are smiling ear to ear, she encourages you to clap for yourselves. And clap we do.

She knows how to work the room. But every performer on that stage brings it - they gave it their all, as though it was their own concert.  

The energy was almost tangible - the current of thousands totally in awe of that voice. I screamed my heart out and danced like I was in my living room. Then I danced and sang my way out of Madison Square Garden.

The Monster Ball was indeed like "a really awesome Friday night," where the euphoria of the night before clings to your skin.

Thanks to Buttercup for inviting me, and to Troy Marshall of Interscope, for letting my sis and I have some great seats, and the Time Of Our Lives!

Last, but not least, you rock Lady Gaga!!!! As one of my Twitter Friends said, you "give good show." ;-)


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