Monday, June 14, 2010

"I Do What I Want," Right?

As some of you may know, this past week was a pretty hectic week for me and also brought some issues up between Che and I.
I guess there was a failure to communicate.

Let’s recap:

• Monday: called last minute to do a video shoot after work
(I found out an hour before I had to head over to the shoot and I told Che I was going to do the shoot right after I was informed).

• Wednesday: I skipped swim class and went to two blogging events (I knew about this and begged Che to go).

• Friday: I went to class then celebrated Sorayu’s birthday
(Che knew about this but maybe he was doing the guy thing where he pretends to listen).

• Saturday: I had a party to attend held by one of Che’s clients whose book is becoming a movie (This was Che's event, which he forgot about, so I had to remind him).

• Sunday: I was in the Puerto Rican Day Parade
(Che knew about this, but stated that I wasn't clear that I was going. I did not invite him until the day before and he was livid... we argued about something luidcrous that I swear was male hysteria...).

It was a really exhausting, fun, and productive week. However, throughout this time Che and I were really challenged in terms of communication. According to him, I only told him I was doing x, y, and z on the day of each event but I didn't discuss it with him. In my mind I thought that telling him was discussing it, (especially when some events were decided an hour beforehand and are related to my acting / radio hosting, etc), but I guess not.

I can't really share what I need to share - I am bursting at the seams here. [very long related-rant omitted due to pink ribbon gagging me]

There's so much more I want to say about this, but for the first time in almost two years of blogging I feel restrained - like my free speech forum has been inhibited. This, My Deep Thinkers, is beyond frustrating.

I think this is partially because Che met some fellow bloggers and the whole "secret identity" thing is no longer. Also because Che and I haven't fully hashed this out and if he sees I feel more comfortable communicating with My Deep Thinkers first (see fake footnote), this will add more fuel to the fire.

This is a fake footnote to let you all know that I’ve given my family, my partner, and my friends a big fat warning notice that anything and everything will be written about on my blog (and in my book), but I will always change names to protect identities. Despite this, no one has been happy about it and I have gotten grief over it (especially with the Latino tradition of making sure you don’t “air out your dirty laundry.”) My response is (in South Park's Cartman voice): It's my blog / book and I'll do what I want.
After all those ramblings, this has turned into a "To Be Continued" post. To be continued when I get the cojones to actually "Do What I Want".