Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ever the Socialite: Blogger Events - Updated 6.10.10

This evening I will be headed to two very cool Blogger networking events. Will you be there?

I'm really excited about going to these events, since they're only a few blocks away from each other (that's they only reason I can even attempt to attend both) and this is my FIRST time going to a Blogger event.  

WooHoo! This is the first time I'm actually looking forward to "network." Plus, I'm going to be around people with whom I have shared interests (in stark contract to networking within the legal profession).

I'm also not going alone, partly to tame my nerves but mostly to get some bloggers I know into the mix a bit.

I'm bringing Che with me, because he's got a sports blog (Mets! Mets! Mets!), and well, he's just good arm candy.

I'm trying to convince Buttercup to go because of her new fashion/music industry blog (The Sweet Life of J and E) but she's always uber busy with all her PR work. *fingers crossed*

Aside from the people I'm bringing with me, I'm also excited to see some of my Deep Thinkers, favorite Bloggers and social media people from the Latism  community [Latinos in Social Media].
Look at me... multitasking. Or as one of my tweeple once said to me: "juggling."

If you want more information on these Blogger events, here it goes:


The 1st BlogHer '10 Pre-conference meet up - Click Link Here.

This was amazing! I met and chilled with some very cool people:

The ambiance was fantastic, the food and drinks were great and the company was even better. Thank you to all of you who arranged the BlogHer10 PreConference MeetUp and to Pranna for a very classy, very fun and relaxed evening.
Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures (as I told one fellow blogger, I don't own a digital camera, but somehow I have purchased three over the past three years for my family members. Go figure). Nevertheless, I'm so glad I signed up for this! I got to meet people that are sure to be the friendly faces I see at BlogHer'10 this summer.

It was a lovely networking experience. I collected many business cards (and gave mine to everyone, including the bartender) and there was no pressure to be anyting but myself. This is what networking should be like. It should be fun. It should feel natural and should not be contrived.

While I chatted it up with some fabulous ladies, Che got to eat lots of food while he was on his best behavior. :) Thanks Che!

I cannot wait for BlogHer'10!

The Blog-i-City Social - Click Link Here.

After BlogHer, I stopped by this event, as it promised to be a great networking opportunity and was only a few blocks away. I thought it would be good to check out the sponsors and see who was at this event. As it turns out, the only networking I did was with the sponsors of an oragnic skin care line: NYR Organic. I went to their table, learned about their line and left with some very good samples. Thanks Ladies!

However, the rest of the event was a total Meat Market - and not a good one was full of weirdos (I don't call everyone a weirdo, mind you, whether they're scouting for a mate or not. "Weirdo" is not a term I use loosely).

People walked up to Che and I - pharmaceutical reps, enterpeneurs and marketers in the Arts... it was a bad networking experience. In stark contrast to BlogHer, we were apporached by people who did not seem genuine at all. So I won't be going to any more of these ever again.

I hope you've reserved your tickets! 
See you all there!