Sunday, June 27, 2010

Am I a Blogger or a Bochinchosa?


What is Bochinche? Bochinche is the Spanish word for "gossip." Another term is "chisme." No one will every admit to being a bochinchosa even if their actions prove that they have earned the title. One thing I hate are people "que llevan y traen" (who gossip). I never trust those people.

The Neighbors

If there's anything I've learned from my time in Puerto Rico and with Puerto Rican family is that we don't want to upset the neighbors. This has less to do with loud music, but more so with “ outrageous behavior.” If you go against the grain, then you’re not a very good girl. How does one go against the grain? One of the many ways is to air-out the family’s dirty laundry - being a bochinchosa.

Bochinche, The Neighbors, and Blogging

Can blogging be perceived as a form of bochinche? If I'm here spilling my guts about what's going on in my life that's ok. But when I yap about someone else’s life, I'm bochinchando. However, my life experiences relate to others. I’m always talking about Buttercup, Sorayu, Che, my family, and the list goes on and on. So am I just a bochinchosa
When I’m blogging I am sharing a piece of myself – an uncensored piece of my internal musings with others – this pseudo life is where I make “friends” (who are fortunately very supportive) who know every aspect of my life and get to know who I am as a person.  I don't like to feel pressured into censoring my feelings and the words that pour out of me. If I did then I wouldn't have started this blog almost two years ago. That means I very easily become fodder for ill content "neighbors." The neighbors being those outside of the cyberworld who anonymously read the “dirty laundry,” I’m “publishing.” They, in turn, end up bochinchando about me.
As a Latina, I was raised to honor the rule that it is inappropriate to talk about the family outside of the family. Now all I do is air out the dirty laundry  - be it my laundry or that of those around me when it impacts my life in one way or another.

But does this mean I have become a huge gossip? That very type of person I don't trust?
What is the line between being a Blogger and a Bochinchosa? Is there a difference?