Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day - One Day Is Not Enough

My mother would always remind my sister and I that we should show the people we love that we appreciate them every day - we shouldn't wait for a holiday to do it.

I do my best to show the people I love that they mean the world to me. I'm a card giver, so I do it with that most often. However, I'll send a text if I haven't seen them in a few weeks, or just tell them that I really love their company when I make the time to hang out. It's in the little things, isn't it? 

Whatever little ways I learned to express love, I learned from my mother. 

There aren't enough words to express how much I appreciate all my mother has done for me and the example she set for what a strong Puertorriqueña, should be. 

She came from el campo (the countryside) in Puerto Rico and overcame many odds. She came to New York at ten years old and started working at a very young age to help support her family until she was twenty eight. She was the first woman in the family to go to college and move out on her own - soltera y sin compromiso (single and unattached), with a great job in accounting. 

During that time, she put herself through college, ultimately got married, had two lovely girls (me included) and became a computer engineer (I always say she should have a blog!). 

On her spare time, she was a real estate mogul, dabbled in a travel agency, and tried her hand as a jeweler, a decorator, and a florist ...  she was quite a poet, and a business woman through and through. 
Yet she never lost her child-like nature when it came to having fun. She's a single Divorcée who is retired and has taken care of her parents throughout the past twenty-five years. She put a roof over their heads and has dedicated time to making sure that they are comfortable - she did that all by herself. She also raised two girls by herself. To me, she's superwoman.

Now, she's slowly taking up things she enjoys to do (when I remind her she doesn't have to be a super mujer). I am very VERY proud to call her my MOM. 

So, here's to all the moms who are ambitious in life and love, who sacrifice and who show their children how to grow up without growing old, and how to love with all their hearts. 

You all deserve more than one day. I know my mom does.