Friday, May 14, 2010

I Wave My Flag - Que Bonita Bandera

I wave my flag with great patriotism and devotion. I was not born in Puerto Rico, but my parents were. My mother taught my sister and I to love and cherish its’ beauty and to maintain the values of our rich Puerto Rican culture.

Every year we played on that tierra, swam in that mar, and bathed in that sol, cantando y bailando. Learning about great composers from our little pueblo of Aguadilla and of the great Nationalism we maintain for our beloved Isla.

I wave my flag in an invisible way nowadays, without bandanas or t-shirts or beads (although it was more fun when I have worn those things). I wave my flag by representing my culture with the education I have acquired, with my self respect, and with my love of our music, literature, dance, history and culture.

I wave my flag when I inform people that a Puerto Rican is a beautiful mix of Taino, African and Spaniard. I wave my flag when I remind people that Puerto Ricans are successful too and we struggle just as much to break the mold, as we do to break the stigmas.

I wave my flag simply by pronouncing to everyone that I am a Puertorriqueña and am very proud of it. I wave my flag because my heart yearns for the clear waters of my beautiful Island and for the gentle night breeze that peacefully resounds with the sound of Coqui.

If you attend the National Puerto Rican Day Parade, and you wear that beautiful flag on your shirt, beads or bandanas, know that you are representing a rich heritage and culture.

If you wave that flag, show it the respect it deserves... Cherish that strong sense of pride that you will feel when you see that sea of red white & blue with beautiful lone stars waving through the air to the sound of "QUE BONITA BANDERA!!!"

~Originally written and posted by Li on on June 6, 2007~