Monday, April 5, 2010

Inspiration from Dr. Seuss

No matter who you are, people will try to squash your dreams and attempt to reign-in your desires.

Sometimes when others (even those closest to you) are so accustomed to sabotoging their own worlds, they cannot help but try and do the same with yours.

I don't necessarily think it's malice, but I do belive that misery loves company and it will try to make you its companion.

When you're just trying to get through your day to day, so that you can eventually accomplish your "someday" hopes and dreams, beware of the sabotage monsters. What's a sabatoge monster?  Well, perhaps you would better recognize one if I called it The Grinch.

We can all learn a lesson from the most recent Greys Anatomy episode where the best piece of advice was given: decide that you're in Whoville. When the Grinch stole their Christmas, they didn't let it get them down - instead, they sang carols! And despite all his attempts to steal their joy, Christmas came anyway.

So remember, when The Grinch tries to rain on your parade, "Sing Cindy Lou! Sing!"*  Your life is yours alone. You control how far you will go in pursuit of your bliss. If you remember that, The Grinch will never get the best of you.


*Quote from Grey's Anatomy episode 6.18 "Suicide is Painless"