Sunday, April 4, 2010

Everyone needs a little time away

My vacation was truly amazing.
Just WONDERFUL! I spent two hours a day lounging on the beach, tanning and swimming in the crystal clear waters.

I would go running along the shore line or by the beach every evening. I ate healthy meals (mostly red snapper, dorado, and tilapia), but spoiled myself with my morning café con leche and Piña Colada in the afternoons.... yum.

I got to meditate. I spent a lot of time not worrying about work or about my future. I tried to stop myself from going online (which was at times inevitable) and I really just wanted to focus on feeling centered and free of responsibility. 

All this time made me miss Che! It was a lot of time to spend away from him, but I think it's healthy for a relationship if you take some "me time," to balance out all the "we time."

The past nine days were really just what I needed. I have actually gotten a good nights sleep since I got back. I'm in a good mood - if not overly relaxed.

In my heart, I'm a beach chick with a golden tan, friendship bracelets on my ankle, a t-shirt, shorts, flip flops, my hair in a braid and aviators on my face. If I could spend my days this way forever, it would be IDEAL! 

But all vacations come to an end, and it was just the right dosage of medicine I needed. I had such a blast in Puerto Rico and am grateful I got to see my island! 


*these images were taken with my cell phone, that's why the quality isn't so great. sorry!