Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

What you do in this world you get back in like kind. My mom taught me that except it usually started as a threat: "que tu haces en esta tierra, lo pagarás hasta tres veces" or "lo pagarás con tus hijos," ("what you do in this world you get back three times" or "you will pay with your children").

This was usually a warning against doing bad things. Aside from these threats, there were times she said that the good we do, for the sake of just doing good, does not go unnoticed. For this reason my sister buttercup & I nick-named our home growing up as "the house of second chances." Our home was just a place where someone could start off fresh until they could go back to the normal routine. 

My mother has always said she was blessed with being able to own a home in New York. Because of this blessing, over the years we have shared our home with so many people who just needed a place to stay,  have allowed our garage to become storage, and have also given away a car to someone who needed it. We have taken in pets no longer wanted by their families, teens whose parents couldn't handle them and families who lost their homes for one reason or another.

Now I'm not talking about planned-out charity here. No. I'm saying, someone told her how they had no where to go, had their home burn to flames, or needed  a car to go back and forth for chemotherapy, and within the hour arrangements were made. Like the snap of a finger my mom turned tears into joy. She's always been really good that way (shout out to mommy).

 I think my mother's kindness was meant to help the person or family get back on their feet but it wasn't always easy on us. Let's just say, having a king sized bed in my room meant I had to share my room...and my bed ...and my dresser ...and my closet. This meant that things sometimes went missing, only to see the object a year later on that person who was no longer living with us. This also meant that the empty apartment upstairs had a family stay a year and never pay their utilities or the car we gave away was then later sold by the same person who "needed" it.... so somewhere in here is also the lesson that no good deed goes unpunished, but that's not the point (this is supposed to be a feel-good post...so let's go back to your regularly scheduled program...)

The point is my mother's heart has always been open. My mother made many sacrifices for others and the three of us made these sacrifices as a family. This wasn't always easy, but it wasn't meant to be easy. They were just random acts of kindness. My mom taught us to give, even if we didn't have much. She has always lived this practice.  Even with all the ups (and downs) I think its important to give. Not because you want something in return, but simply because that's what's in your heart (and if for any reason someone does take advantage of you, just know they will reap what they sow. No worries.)

Remember, what you put into the universe, you get right back. So put as much positivity and love out there as you can. It will come back to you, I promise.