Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Travel Bug: Loving Puerto Rico

Many of you know I sooo love to travel. This past year I got out of my comfort zone and travelled to Spain and Aruba, and only went to Puerto Rico twice. I know that sounds funny and I may sound like a brat complaining - but it's less of a complaint and more of a whine. I love Puerto Rico and I miss it. The island calls to my heart and it feels like I'm home sick when I'm not there.

When people talk about going there,
I get so excited and want to tell them to go to all of these places, however, the majority of my experience is in:
  • Aguadilla
  • Mayaguez
  • Rincon
  • Ponce
  • Old San Juan

My favorite beach in the world is in Aguadilla (see the beach as depicted above). My favorite places to eat are in Viejo San Juan [Old San Juan].

I"m going to take some time to think about my favorite places in these towns, however quaint they may be. I haven't really done touristy things unless I'm bringing someone to the island for the first time or like this past winter when Che took me to Puerto Rico for my birthday. But the info I do have, I hope will help others when planning their trips (So stay tuned for that post).

For all of you who have been to Puerto Rico or live in Puerto Rico, please tell me your favorite:
  • towns
  • beaches
  • places to eat
  • sight-see

Please give me your input! I can't wait to hear it!