Friday, January 8, 2010

You're Invited to a Pity Party!

What's a pity party? Well, it's when misery tries to get company. A good definition can be found at

The best example would be to quote our adorable little friend, Eeyore, who lives in all of us:
"Eeyore, the old grey Donkey, stood by the side of the stream, and looked at himself in the water.
'Pathetic,' he said. 'That's what it is. Pathetic.' He turned and walked slowly down the stream for twenty yards, splashed across it, and walked slowly back on the other side. Then he looked at himself in the water again.
'As I thought,' he said. 'No better from this side. But nobody minds. Nobody cares. Pathetic, that's what it is.' " -Winnie the Pooh

Suffice it to say, we've all let Eeyore escape and pollute our little worlds with negative thoughts. It's not usually for a prolonged period of time.  However, have you been around people who never get out of this funk? I call them DOWNERS. I cannot be around such people for an extended period of time. Call me a jerk, but honestly, I need to be around uplifting people. I love positive energy! Unfortunately, not all of you can avoid the pity parties because they happen to thrown by a loved one or a partner. Gee Wiz!!!

I remember there was a time in my life where the response to "How have you been?" was "eh, could be better." That was always my response! I didn't realize I was being negative all the time until I made a friend who was always positive. He would always say how great things were, even if they could be better. Was it a lie? Well, maybe. But isn't it a lie when we ask people, "How are you?!" Think about how many times we say this and to whom.... it's usually part of the introduction, and not necessarily an invitation to vent. But unfortunately, many Eeyores out there jump at the opportunity to vent. What do we do?

Well, being a former Eeyore, I was exposed to so much positivity that it caught on. I realized, the more I say "things are good," well by golly, they actually become good! Who knew?

What you put out in the universe comes back to you. So put a lot of positivity out there, and you will get that in return. But if you're stuck with a "downer," here's to hoping your positivity is contagious, and maybe they'll put Eeyore away for a little while.

Sending you all positive thoughts!!!