Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sports, Love and Cable

You never really know who you’re dating until you get cable – or try to watch it with your significant other...especially if they're a sports fanatic. 

If you were an avid Sex and the City viewer, you may remember the episode “Games People Play,” where Samantha dates a sports fan. Samantha thought this guy was just a basket ball fan and that her woes would end once the season was over. But she failed to understand that he was a sports fan – that’s all inclusive. When the season for one sport ends, another begins. 

When I saw this episode I really thought that her experience was really just sort of random. Little did I know that it was very close to the life I would eventually lead. 

I’ve been with my partner a very long time now and I firmly believe that I only really got to know him when I got cable a year ago. I know it sounds crazy, but until you understand a persons taste in television, you really don’t know them. 

Without cable or TV, we lived in our little worlds where we’d rent movies or go out to eat. But my boyfriend was always a HUGE Mets fan. HUGE! He would listen to WFAN- The Fan on the car radio during baseball season, and I would endure it, knowing that it would eventually end. His moods were pulled by the status of the Mets at any given time (can you imagine how things were last season? Sheesh.) 

I would tune out when he’d be yelling at the radio “tu madre!” and various other profanities when things weren’t in favor of his team. But I was a good girlfriend, being very supportive, and basically playing along. But, I would hang onto the notion that baseball season would end, and he would calm down. 

Nevertheless, things soon changed when I got a flat screen tv and cable. This man is a Sports Fanatic. I knew this. I accepted this. But did I know I’d be watching him yell at the screen when the Mets were playing, when the Jets were playing, when St. John’s college basket ball would be on… holy. I didn’t know that his channel surfing would go from the game to the post-game sports talk…. That this sports world really never ends???? 

You want to test your relationship? Try reaching for the remote. 

We all have a bit of a fanatic in us. I’m obsessed with my blog. So I get his passion for sports, in a way. Nevertheless, I adore this man. Sports Fanatic or not. He knows that I don’t share his passion and that I scold him when he wishes death on the ref’s during a football game. He ignores my long rants about putting negative energy into the world. In turn, I switch the computer on when he’s immersed in “his team.”

He doesn’t mind that I ignore his sports tantrums when I sit at my computer and write, as long as I look up once in a while with an empathetic remark or start yelling “J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS” or “LET’S GO METS!”

Relationships are all about compromise. And so although we each have our "alone" time to get completely involved in our little worlds, we make sure we spend quality time together and communicate! Because as much as we have in common, we're two very different people with very different interests. 

Its important that we grow together. As a Team. Our Very Own Little Team. And in that respect, I am a fanatic about my team.