Sunday, October 18, 2009

Women of a Certain Age

I remember being in law school and my roommate said, "aren't you going to put on makeup?" I told her that I wasn't and she said "women our age can't get away with that anymore." At the time I was only 22 so I didn't think I fit into that category (but it should be noted that law school kicked my ass enough that I really did need makeup). Well I sure do believe I fit into that category now.

How do I find the right makeup? Is all this mineral stuff actually better for your skin? What's the best makeup for someone concerned with 1) slowing down the aging process, 2) looking ones best, and 3) not spending a ridiculous amount of money to do it?

I like to look bronzed, dewy, and fresh. Basically, I'd like to look as vibrant as I did at 18, without over doing it. Where's the magic makeup for that?

I love my Maybelline Colossal Mascara - and now they have a waterproof formula that I just adore. My fave lip gloss is LipFusion (but I can't use that too often or it will dry out my lips). For special occasions I keep my YSL lipstick in tow, because it makes me feel fancy .. and sometimes that's what its all about - how you feel, right?

Other than that, I don't really have any staples or any good ways of hiding those dark circles or to de-emphasize the small wrinkles that are vetoing my face. Any thoughts?

*Photo is of one of my make up bags.
**The commentary on the above-mentioned products are my honest opinion and I have not been solicited to endorse these products in any way. I have no affiliation with these products/companies whatsoever. I am simply a consumer.