Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Thick Lustrous Hair Is Very Important to Me"

George Costanza's character from Seinfeld had it right.

As a woman, healthy hair is important to me too. We have it hard. We can't have hair in some places and in others we need to have an abundance of it. So we go to great lengths to achieve this "beautiful" balance. Although ideally I'd like to give certain social norms the finger, à la Frida Kahlo, but I'm a sucker like everyone else. I'd rather look like a Kardashian.

Perhaps this is the result of looking a lot like Frida for many years or being called Kojak as a child, because for a long time I had no hair (its ok, you can laugh – my mother made me wear all kinds of hats until I grew a full head of hair).

I remember being tortured at bath time because I had to have endless hair treatments - all Mirta de Perales products. Eventually my hair grew very long and thick (so did my eyebrows, but let’s move forward, shall we?).

Fast-forward twenty plus years and I've damaged my hair incredibly. Dye, flat irons, curling irons, blow driers, hair spray, mousse - my hair is protesting! Sometimes I fancy cutting it all off (just like my fave Frida painting), but I don't have the guts. Instead I try to manage with limp curls, monstrous breakage, frizz disasters, and desert-dry hair.

I have tried a variety of products that promised healthy hair: Katira Hair Masque by Philip B., Pantene, Redken, and my usual Garnier Fructis or TRESemme. I even tried olive oil, then mayonnaise ( like that flick with Julia Roberts), but that was a smelly, drippy process.

Garnier & TRESemme are still my faves and the most cost effective. I'm also listening to my grandmother’s advice (who had jet black shiny virgin-hair until she was 70) and am using " Aceite De Mos-Ka," whatever that blue concoction is. Since I'm back to square one with hair repair, I'm going back to my roots - literally. I'm using Mirta de Perales . I've been using the "S Oil treatment" that smells of strawberries and finishing with the Hair dressing cream. It makes my hair feel very smooth. This is just my second week, though. Let's see if my hair livens up with the weekly treatments. I really hope this works!

If you have any suggestions on how to regain long thick and healthy lustrous hair, I'm all ears...

In the meantime, I'll keep you posted on my hair-reform journey!

*Photos are of  myself and of products in my home
**The commentary on the above-mentioned products are my honest opinion and I have not been solicited to endorse these products in any way. I have no affiliation with these products/companies whatsoever. I am simply a consumer.