Friday, October 16, 2009


When I'm sick I become a baby. My mother has always been the best nurse (not a real nurse, but a mom-nurse, ya know?) and I don't think my partner will ever measure up. Don't get me wrong - he really tries, but he doesn't have a strong nurturing side (especially when he wants a massage and I feel like death). Do any men really have that side? That nurturing, attentive, patient side that is able to deal with whiny little sick people?

I don't know.

But moms, they just have it. The slightest touch on my forehead for fever, and I hurl myself (not literally) into the fetal position welcoming a world of comfort & pampering. Moms rule!  Did I mention I'm a grown-ass woman? Right. That I am. But I'm not afraid to admit that when I'm sick, and I'm given the opportunity to be taken care of, I crumble into a small child. I don't know if I'll ever grow out of it.

Being sick sucks. Being taken care of - well, that's just plain awesome.

*a picture of my sad sick self.